Precision Sheeting

Precision Sheeting

What is Precision Sheeting?

Manchester Industries leads the pack in Precision Sheeting Technology.  Simply, we produce the cleanest, most accurate, and consistent sheeted paperboard grades in the industry.  The Dual Rotary Knife process shears and slits all four sides simultaneously producing the highest quality product with efficient production and minimal waste.


What can Custom Sheeting do for you?

Custom Sheeting is the process of producing Optimum Sheet Sizes.  When planning a custom sheet size, you reduce waste, optimizing fewer square inches of substrate, saving money on every job.  With Manchester's vast assortment of paperboard grades, calipers, and stock target rolls, we can make Custom Sizes for you on every order.  Look carefully before buying a standard pre-sheeted stock size again.  Is it a bargain?  

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