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High Quality Clay Coated Newsback by Manchester Industries

What Is It?

Clay coated news back, or paperboard, is a sheet of white, one-sided paper with clay coating on the other side. The coating sheet is usually grey or brown and is best for printings.

Clay coated paperboards are made from a recyclable kraft paperboard material. It is renowned for its resistance to moisture and tearing. Some of its properties include:

  • Eco-friendly due to recycled material
  • Tear and moisture resistant
  • Ideal for logo printing and artwork

The sheet produces better printing and is a bit more expensive than chip or graphic board but less than solid white paper.

Applications Of Clay Coated Paperboard

Our range of clay coated news back and paperboards have various applications that include:

  • Folding cartons and boxes
  • Signage and displays
  • Backers and picture frames
  • Tile boards
  • Consumer and industrial packaging
  • Stationery items, books, and scrapbooks
  • Kitchen and bathroom counter templates
  • Furniture and finishings
  • Bulletin boards
  • Dividers/sleeves

The clay coated paperboard has a higher percentage of recycled material in the paperboard range. It creates a smooth surface that gives a crisp print on top with a lighter color on the back made from recycled newsprint.

Thickness and Grammage Chart

Basestock Properties (units)

Nominal Weight

Caliper (Inches)

Thickness (microns)


12 pt

250 gsm


305 µ


14 pt

275 gsm


356 µ

Boxes, Cups

16 pt

300 gsm


406 µ

Heavy-duty bags ad takeout boxes

18 pt

350 gsm


456 µ

All box packaging

24 pt

400 gsm


610 µ

Heavy-duty boxes

28 pt

527 gsm


710 µ

Very heavy-duty boxes