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Beautiful, Versatile, and Sustainable Paperboard Packaging – Manchester Industries

Paper board packaging is a material made with thick paper and printed with brand-enhancing graphics. It can be cut or folded in various shapes and structures that engage consumers easily. The paperboard packaging solutions offered by Manchester Industries have unique, eye-catching designs that give endless possibilities.

Most Popular Uses

Although paperboard packaging solutions have a variety of uses, some of the most popular applications include:
  • Embossing images and lift types off the board’s surface
  • Creating an immense tactile effect
  • Hot foil stamping to add silver or gold elements
  • UV coating for a protective look
  • Soft-touch coating to impart a rich texture
The best attribute of this material type is that it is highly sustainable, renewable, and recyclable. Consumers today are very environmentally-conscious, and paperboard packaging gives them an eco-friendly option.

What We Offer

Manchester Industries offer a range of paperboard solutions to meet the market’s demands, including choice of fibers, bleached and unbleached version, recycled or virgin, and modification during stock preparation. Our range of products come in various grammage and thickness. The surface finish varies mechanically, while additives introduced during stock preparation provide special properties. Application of coatings, either dried or smoothed, offers a variety of appearances. It has performance features enhanced to give high-quality printing and conversions for different types of packaging.

Types Offered

We offer the following types of packaging solutions:
  • Wet Strength Paper
  • Micro-Creping
  • Greaseproof
  • Glassine
  • Vegetable Parchment
  • Paper Labels
  • Tissues
  • Sack Kraft
  • Bag Papers
  • Impregnated Paper
  • Laminated Papers
Manchester Industries is committed to giving you the best quality paperboard packaging solutions that fulfill your demands. Select from the variety offered and place your order accordingly.